Making urban mobility smarter and more efficient


A unique mix of innovation, information gathering and policy support system known as Intelligent Transportation Management System (ITMS).
A versatile and measurable system that help cities to cope with everyday urban transportation issues.
It is configurable to cater different transport modes like
BRT, PRT, City/State Transport, Metro Rail or Bullet Train, Tram / Rail.

Automatic Vehicle Locator System & Depot Management

AVL system that makes use of GPS to allow a business or agency to remotely track the real-time location of the vehicle thus also assisting in depot management system for managing fleet movement.

Incident Management System

Real time alerts for incidents like accidents, vehicle breakdowns, sudden breaking, over speeding or any other irregular pattern will be shared with authorities for fast actions.

Passenger Information System

RapidGoTM. A mobile application for citizen to provide value added fleet information to the public; such as bus routes and schedules, bus arrival & departure time, route location information, advance/current booking of ticket, ticket cancellation, refund status etc.

Automatic Fare Collection System

A centralized data source which can offer paperless ticketing. AFCS is configurable to handle different fare collection practices such as fully automated fare collection, semi-automated fare collection and standalone Electronic Ticketing Machines.

Reports/ MIS & BI

Locomate® MIS/BI platform enable Transport authorities to build reports from operations data to perform multidimensional analysis enabling them to have better insight into parameters and take business decisions leading to higher operational efficiency.

Route Survey & Transit Network Mapping

Our product also offers customized map (GIS / Vector) based routes presentations for more user-friendly maps and their integration with real-time tracking tools.

Web Portal & Mobile App

Web Portal and Mobile interface enables commuters to plan their journey, check fares, Online ticket booking, ETA/ETD for particular vehicle, and receive specific announcement released by transport authority.

Financial Management System

Our Product is customizable for seamless integration with well-known Financial Management Systems for better traceability and transparency of operations.