Smart Street Lighting System

Streetlights are the pulse of our cities. They are the only known massive network of powered objects across the world that count over 281.4* million units! However, a vast number of them still work on the simple on-off legacy system which if calibrated on environment degradation, energy efficiency, operational costs and maintenance can pay us an overwhelming price. Since streetlights are vital in the development of our cities, the future of lighting inevitably lies in harnessing the power of intelligence. Streetlight is one of the omnipresent things in cities and societies which provide an opportunity to connect back through real sense IoT.

Infinium Solutionz, a market leader with llON, a line of intelligent power pack lighting solutions, provides a professional end-to-end network with an IOT based approach. Its revolutionary street lighting system puts control and efficiency directly in the citizen’s domain. A comprehensive architecture using star topology based on RF technology allows remote monitoring and control of street lights with an in-depth analysis and health monitoring of the assets, networks and sensors providing environmental, financial and security benefits.

Key Features

real time

Real Time Monitoring and Control of Street Light

Intelligent Scheduling with Motion Sensor

Intelligent Scheduling with Motion Sensor

Remotely operated On Off Dimming Functionality

Remotely operated On/Off/Dimming Functionality

Real Time Fault Detection and Alert Generation

Real Time Fault Detection and Alert Generation

Integrated IOT Platform

Integrated IOT Platform

Personal Safety – SOS Alert

Personal Safety – SOS Alert



Smart pole

Smart pole

Centralized Street Light Monitoring


Product Highlight

IIon Node


Connected Lights

  • On / Off / Dim / Faulty
  • Current Power Consumption
  • Current Power Saving


Secured Communication

  • Stay Communication Topology
  • Safe & Secure Date Exchange
  • Astronomical Clock
  • Automatic Firmware Update
IIon Whiz
IIon Engine

IION Engine

Lighting Policy & Scheduling

  • Based on Lighting and Power Saving Needs

IION Control

Remote Control
On / Off / Dimming

  • Remote Controlling
  • Real time Status Response
IIon Control
IIon Live


Software Solution

  • Real time Operational Dashboard
  • Policy Configuration, scheduling,
  • Direct Command
  • Reports & MIS

IION Diagnostics

Health Check

  • Asset Health Diagnostic
  • Optimize Maintenance Cost
llon Diagnostics
SOS Alert

SOS Alert

Offline Panic Response

  • Citizen Safety through offline
    Response to Emergency Alerts

IION Sense

Smart Pole

  • Ambient Condition Sensor, Node
    Power Sensor, Junction Power Sensor
IIon Sense
IIon Track

IION Track

Ubiquitous Presences

  • Rescue Support by indentifying last tracking pole
  • Vehicles, Critical Asset, People, Pet, Mobiles, Etc

Gasket Casing

Gasket Casing

Waterproof & dust proof design for Master and Slave units with safe and reliable gasket having IP65 rating.
Gasket is self-aligning and centering. Quick to install and no special tools are required.

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