Digitization of routine processes to make operations lighter, faster and more effective.


With SpotLock™ (Smart parking solution), customers can get real time information to optimize parking space usage, improve parking operations efficiency and help traffic flow on the roads.

Parking Space Management

Highly sensitive and accurate real-time data for up-to-date information about slot availability and current ongoing rate.

Parking Reservation System

Parking Slot booking through mobile apps or web apps makes pick slot, booking and making payment both easy and convenient.

Parking Enforcement

Surveillance makes parking enforcement and citation easy for enforcement agency with parking alerts for paid and unpaid parking.

On Street Parking Management

The On-Street parking areas are better managed with battery operated ground sensors for real time alert for parking space occupancy, parking reservation and direction to parking spot helps reduce congestion and queuing, easy payments through kiosks, online via mobile apps or website.

Smart Parking Payment System

Overcome the limitation of the conventional payment methods by revamping the payment method with latest technologies like Smart Card Payment/Prepayment code and handheld ticketing machines.

Dynamic Parking Rates

Continuously monitor occupancy levels and automatically modify pricing in real time.

Off Street Parking-Entry/Exit Authentication Management System

A vehicle scanner with cameras for surveillance and RFID reader for vehicle authentication at entry and exit.