Successful implementation with calculated ROI of ICT systems.


GIS and RFID solutions for warehouse, fleet and inventory management streamline supply chain operations. Real-time inventory captures at oil tank terminals to plan pipeline monitoring, route networking, and scheduling.

Systems such as SCADA help with consistent and accurate data to monitor operations.

SCADA/PLC Automation /Data Acquisition and Monitoring

Oil and gas companies rely on accurate and timely data to manage, measure and report on liquid and natural gas production, and in order to do this well, they need to have integrated systems to generate the information they need in real-time. As part of this, they use SCADA systems.

City Gas Distribution Management System

This consolidated system manages citywide gas network process, such as infrastructure, maintenance and customer management. It integrates all aspects of documentation, reports, material records & history, customer base, gas usage in a single comprehensive system.

Pipeline Integrity Management System

Veintex™ provides pipeline integrity services to help client navigate through the complex regulatory landscape. We manage all the aspects of evaluating and maintaining pipeline integrity to minimize risks that could impact lives and the environment.

Oil/Gas Pipeline Route Network Information System

Outline™  – The grid utility mapping provides base map preparation / digitization with high-resolution images for city areas and building geo-coding gas pipeline network.

Logistic Fleet Performance Monitoring and Management System

Trackous™ our Fleet Management Solution for the Oil & Gas industry enables us to monitor vehicle in remote areas and track the vehicle navigation at critical events.

Consumer Mapping and Spot Billing

Our Spot Billing Solution provides cash flow and makes process customer – centric. The solution is generally used for ongoing service support or contracts.

ERP & Third Party System Integration

We offer seamless integration of our automation systems with ERP system for respective modules such as transport management, inventory management, Sales, and Procurement, etc.

Pipeline Network Survey and Mapping

GIS data mappingenable companies to check accurate pipeline networks which helps in action planning for operational excellence.