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Our RFID driven warehouse/inventory management solution is integrated with the centralized ERP for seamless real-time transaction throughout the system.

The solution is designed to have system guided vehicle operation within premises and vehicle movement within as well as outside the boundary.

Warehouse/Inventory Management System

Shelv™, our IMS makes tracking and shipping your products easier, more efficient and delay free. It aligns with the manufacturing system and keeps a tab on the exact location and movement of the inventory. It keeps track of perishable goods.

  • Increase in material visibility
  • Reduction in issue of QA/QC rejected materials
  • Generate alert if rejected material is being issued
  • Accurate physical inventory report
  • Statistical information for MIS

Logistics Movement Monitoring System

Direc Tree™, our FMS makes vehicle monitoring easy in remote areas and track the vehicle navigation. It enables managers and stakeholders to remotely ‘Sense’, ‘Track’, ‘Log’ and ‘Analyze’ the movement and activities of their mobile assets.

  • Provide access to the customer’s order and shipment data
  • Consignment tracking with detailed analysis of the supplier history
  • Provides statistical data of current trips & shows alerts along with two-way communication

Inbound and Outbound Logistic Surveillance and Management

Within premises, inbound and outbound logistics surveillance and management

  • Vehicle navigation support
  • Queue management for loading &unloading of items
  • A complete tracking and monitoring of the package transport
  • Automatically collects vehicle entry/exit data
  • Detect and prevent live crimes from advanced video analytics

ERP & Third-Party System Integration

We offer seamless integration of our automation systems with ERP system for respective modules such as transport management, inventory management, Sales and Procurement etc.