Efficient logistics management means faster movement & better business.


Our solution harnesses the power of IOT that will help in streamlining transportation operations thereby helping clients to meet the challenges of an ever-changing logistics industry.

Our suite of services enable process improvement, enhances collaboration, helps in controlling and ultimately reducing costs along with improved oversight goals.

Fleet Scheduling & Dispatch Management

The system can automatically manage dispatch distribution and transport operations, dynamically scheduling vehicle and driver assignments based on real-time events.

Inbound and Outbound Logistics Surveillance and Management

Inbound and Outbound Logistic surveillance system helps to monitor and track the fleet coming in and going out within the premises to optimize turnaround time of a vehicle.

OCR and Gate Automation

The Gate OCR System helps you to plan, track and monitor all container movements on your terminal, from arrival until departure, including booking, document handling and invoicing to boost efficiency, eliminate congestion.

Cross Dock Logistics Management

Cross-docking is a lean logistics solution that offers direct transhipment of products from manufacturing plants to stores/customers on demand basis with little or no material handling in between.

Pickup and Delivery Management

Pickup & Delivery is a comprehensive, feature-rich solution to streamline a drivers’ tasks to ensure accurate, on-time and error-free pickups, deliveries and returns.

GIS Mapping of Distribution Route Network

Our product also offers customized map (GIS / Vector) based routes presentations for user friendly route visualization & selection with real time tracking tools.

Reports, Management Information System/BI

MIS/BI platform enables reports generation from operations data and perform multidimensional analysis to have better insight into parameters and take efficient business decisions.

ERP Integration

We offer seamless integration of our automation systems with ERP system for respective modules such as transport management, warehouse management etc.