Going Cashless Made Easy with MoneyMint™
It is a solution that caters to all your online transaction needs. Quick, simple & secure, it can be used as a closed loop payment card.


A customer can use a single card at various locations such as library, public transit, canteen, parking for leisure activities (restaurants, shopping) and community activities authorized by issuing company.

It can also be combined with employee ID/access card for ease of use.

Loyalty and Stored Value

By integrating loyalty programs into cashless payment cards, merchants can create customized programs for their loyal customers. This helps merchants keep track of customer purchase patterns and help them create programs to incentivise customers to push sales and generate more profits.

Single Corporate / Institute / Loyalty Card

A single card is designed to fulfil activities like closed / open loop payment system, multi-mode transport system, single tap payment at entry & exits, mobile app and online payment integration and other access controls.

Access Control Management System

Visitors, employees and assets access control, biometric access control system and temporary access card facility, web application to log and maintain records, employee access control, location with the help of smart card access control system and RTLS system.

AFCS in Transit System

Automatic Fare Collection System (AFCS), an automated revenue collection system which facilitates fare collection through use of stored value smart cards. It helps reduce cost of operations and increase profitability.

Smart Parking Payment System

The smart parking payment system is implemented with the effort to overcome the limitation of the conventional payment methods by revamping the payment method.