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Infinium Solutionz ensures reliable data collection including real-time monitoring KPIs such as yield, quality, capacity & labour efficiency.

These insights enable processors to identify opportunities for improvement and ensure that production complies with quality and food safety standards.

Plant Automation

Our Dairy plant automated system works in a well-organized manner to deliver a diverse mix of consistently high-quality, safely produced products.

Asset Management

Asset management enables an organization to examine the need for, and performance of assets and its systems at different levels.

Biometric Access Management System

Biometric access management system records daily attendance of each employee in order to avoid unauthorized access and malpractices in unit area.

Automatic Milk Collection System

The purpose of AMCS is to obtain timely, accurate and transparent milk collection with the best use of information technology. This reduces wait time, milk wastage and eliminates unfair labour practices.

Automation of BMCU

Bulk Milk Cooling Unit is a tank that stores milk to measure temperature, volume, and quality of milk. Milk collection details of BMCU can be used for milk collection planning.

Animal Tracking and Tracing with RFID Technology

We provide RFID tags to track animal movements and system that provides data of animal diseases, health history of an animal and milk production data of different animal breeds.

Centralized Software Application Platform

A centralized software platform integrated with all the IT application like SAP, MES, MIS and others to provide command, coordination and decision-making in support of the incident response/recovery activities.

RFID and GPS Enabled Fleet Management System

Eliminate wasted miles, excessive fuel consumption, fleet inefficiency and reduce your operational cost with our planned route tracking and scheduling software.

RFID & Barcode Based Inventory

Inventory management system is designed to make tracking & shipping your finished product more efficient. It works in conjunction with the manufacturing system to ensure that you know where every piece of your inventory resides.