Remodeling the construction industry brick by brick with innovative technologies.


We create professional 3D BIM models to enable effective pre-construction planning and provide a collaboration platform for project stakeholders.Ultimately empowering our clients by making full use of BIM (Building Information Modelling) to enhance project information consistency, minimize construction planning errors, reduce process costs and save time.

Synchronized Design

Smart designing with synchronized model approach reduces effort, time and cost as the designs auto-update. A centralized Cloud based storage for design data helps in elimination of error and conflicts among the involved parties.

Design Visualization

BIM implementation provides a 3-dimensional real-world rendered design visualization of the structure rather than 2D drawings. Live online links of the models presents virtual tour and inspection of the building.

4D/5D (Time and Cost Simulation)

BIM also includes proper monitoring and control over operations and resources along with management of the project. The addition of time and cost makes it 4/5 D along with the 3D model.

Collision Alert

Drainage, plumbing and installation among other utilities are a tedious job and always carry a risk of collision. The feature alerts will help minimize collisions and boost overall productivity.

Smart Documentation

An auto-generated schedule & documentation gives design an edge of standards. Smart model capable of accurate quantity take-off and schedule. All generated documents have an internal synchronizing feature.